Lifecycle Management Systems

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Satellite 6

Wichtige Hinweise zur Migration / Important Hints for the Migration

Mandatory Channel in Satellite 5

The registration process uses a package from the channel RHN Tools for RHEL. We recommend to use the System Set Manager of Satellite 5 to bulk attach the channel before migration. This has to be done for all base channels you have systems attached to.

Supported OS Versions in Satellite 6

RHEL5 has been retired by Red Hat, we do not support RHEL5 on Satellite 6 except with a purchased Extended Life Support license (ELS). RHEL6 systems can be migrated, but no new RHEL6 systems can be kickstarted; there are exceptions, contact us for information. The Desktop versions are generally not available anymore, use the Workstation versions. They offer exactly the same software catalog, Desktop has restrictions on the amount of CPU cores which can be used, where Workstation has no restrictions at all.

Activation Keys

Check your activation keys! Check the channels assigned to an activation key and activate what you need. Also check if ONLY server OR workstation is active.

Test before Mass Migrations

Test with one system before migrating a group of similar system. Test if errata installation works after migration.

User Groups

We cannot give access to the user and user groups management, instead we will create and maintain groups for you. Groups can be used ie. to act as mail recipients for errata notifications instead of single users.

Sync Plans

Please add synchronizations for your own repositories to the defined daily sync plan, do not create your own sync plans. To avoid congestion on the server we have spread these syncs over the whole day.

Communication Ports

Your clients must be able to communicate to the IP of ( on ports 80, 443, 5647, 8000 and 8140. Usually these ports are not blocked for outgoing traffic. In secured networks or locations outside the internal network of ETH Zurich it may be necessary to adopt your firewall rules. In Netcenter, you can use the predefined "Netobjects" ID-BD-Sat6 for the Satellite IP address and ID-BD-Sat6-Ports for the TCP ports. This will prevent you from adapting your rules whenever we have to make changes.